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Crae's Design Den [CLOSED]
Temporarily closed while I move!
Welcome to Crae's Design Den!
Offering designs for Tokotas and other ARPGs.
Status: CLOSED
Comment on the Request Design thread to claim.
If you have design credits, you can cash them in at any time, even if the journal says closed.
Currently accepting:

USD via PayPal

Quick Links:
Request Design 
Request Item Art

Request Correction
Request Hierarchy Update

Questions & Comments

Recent Design Examples:<
:iconcraesin:craesin 33 502
Gabriel 35035 by TotemSpirit Gabriel 35035 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 14 2 Cyan 0543 by FatesOfPandora Cyan 0543 :iconfatesofpandora:FatesOfPandora 2 4
50% Dires for S/T- CLOSED
So my latest breeding was SUPER nice to me and gave me four 50% dires.

As I don't need all of them, I figured I'd put a couple up for offers.

Taking offers of:
Trait Tokens
Black Cats
Unique Traited Genos
Large amounts of rolls
Possibly slots

Will auto-trade either for an unrelated 50% Dire

Both can be PotA Lilac.
3) Female, Natural Mane
Average - Healthy
50% DIRE
Marked collared tawny with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Excellent Conformation
Can be golden tawny through dam
Offer anything/trade
AB: $40
4) Male, Natural Mane
Average - Healthy
50% DIRE
Marked collared brown with accents and bearmarks
Physical Traits:
Hereditary Traits:
Excellent Conformation
:icondmwarpg:DMWarpg 3 30
Antlr's Tokota Design Shop
Hello and welcome! 
My name is Fox.
I'm newer to tokotas and designing tokotas, but I find it very relaxing. 
I need more experience in designing as well SO I've decided to open a design shop!
100 points = 1.00$ = 2 HP = 1000TT [please inform me if my conversion is wrong]
For Payment:
Average Genos/Imports [must show me before hand] 
Slots [I'm looking for 25% male dire slots and dominant male and female slots]
Points [i need core;;]
Prices* [does not include marked and collared]
$6 for a Simple Geno [1-3 visible genes] 
$12 for a Moderate Geno [3-5 visible genes] 
$18 for a Complex Geno [6+ visible genes or genobombs]
* I am willing to haggle, feel free to make a reasonable offer!
I plan to use an import overhaul for any build, and any natural mane but no physical traits
:iconantlrs:antlrs 3 68
Mustangia's Toko Designs (1 Spot left)
1 spot = 1 person
1 person can order multiple designs in their one spot
I'm mostly on hiatus from the group and designing, but money is super important right now and I'm taking on a few in between art commission :heart:
Base Price : $15
Add Ons :
- Small Items, handpaints ' $5
- Large Items ' $10
- Complex Designs ' Merle / Lacing / Chimeric ' $10
I currently wont do;
- Shadowmarks, Monet, Wolverine
note that most are in my and some have not been approved yet
:iconmustangia:Mustangia 6 28
Adelaide 35020 by TotemSpirit Adelaide 35020 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 19 5 Talvak Official Export X178 by PastelTides Talvak Official Export X178 :iconpasteltides:PastelTides 1 0 Talvak Official Export X181 by PastelTides Talvak Official Export X181 :iconpasteltides:PastelTides 3 0 Talvak Official Export X180 by PastelTides Talvak Official Export X180 :iconpasteltides:PastelTides 2 0 Light Fury by MeshokDobra Light Fury :iconmeshokdobra:MeshokDobra 4,029 231
My recipe book - Uncommon recipes (Tokotas)
21/21  Uncommon:

Bird call
7,000 TT
Guarantees maximum allotted bird pelts in a successful hunt. ONE time use
x2 Small Bone Fragments
x1 Feathers
x2 Sticks
x1 Knife…

Cookie sheet
7000 TT
Provides a small chance to double successfully crafted edible items and potions. May be used THREE times.
x2 Logs
x1 Knife
x3 Wire Spool…
Crafted caving gear
7,000 TT
Increases chance of collecting rarer items while caving by 20%, reduces possibility of failing a caving trip to 1%. Permanent
x1 Thread Spool
x5 Leather Strips
x1 Glass Shards
:iconshangry-ia:Shangry-Ia 1 0
Talvak Official Export X179 by PastelTides Talvak Official Export X179 :iconpasteltides:PastelTides 2 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
SO I am on the hunt for a skill seeker traited geno, even better if someone had the trait for sale.

Prefer more then the basic marked collar and accents.

What I am offering is up to $20 USD
Slots to tokotas and ether of pandora rares (Vulture)
Even a EOP Vulture geno
Activity rolls
I can offer other art and rites

I also have a nice geno with quick learner that can be lilac with a POTA token, they can also have rainmarks with a tokens as well. Could come out a really nice geno.

1) Female, Natural Mane
Average - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny with accents, pangare and vitiligo
Hereditary Traits:
Quick Learner
Snow White

Slots would be to these guys here

Prefer limit of only 1 of these:
1 breeding trait

Maximilian 32424 by TotemSpirit -
2 breeding traits (Akna's Presence pass to female pups = more life time breedings)

Gharnef WM88 by TotemSpirit - Wild Warg boi (no lineage and Primal Hunter)

No particular limits here:
Pumpkin 17445 by TotemSpirit - Orange Brown
Rosaria 21552 by TotemSpirit - I think a special Red Brown but I'm not sure which swatch it's from 
Snicker-doodle 22019 by TotemSpirit- Double Van Gogh
Tanami 17750 by TotemSpirit - Dom Cream

shadowattak1 is the owners of the tokotas and will write the slot perms
So the geno would end up Co-owned


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